As always with newly released websites, it contains errors and omissions. If you find something that doesn’t work, is misspelled or anything else feel free to let us know.

We have severe problems when it comes to booking functions. Bókun, which we decided to use three years ago, was acquired by Tripadvisor and made the less talented decision to focus on only activities, and no longer develop the booking functions for hotels and other accommodations.

The unique and decisive factor that made us choose Bòkun was the ability to combine accommodation and activities in one and the same booking engine.

We will leave Bòkun as soon as possible, which is sad. They have developed something quite good for activities but only that is not enough for us. We think that most people traveling will need both accommodation and activities, which we offer. But not Bòkun.

It is not yet decided which booking system we will work with in the future. We are happy to receive tips and thoughts on the issue.

Örjan Pekka
Filipsborg, the Arctic Mansion