We help you to find suitable winter equipment

In our part of the world, the experience of snowy and cold winter is an important part of life. To handle this you need suitable equipment.

At Filipsborg we have different kinds of winter equipment; sledges, snowshoes, sparkstöttingar (the Swedish kick) and shovels that can be used to dig snow caves or seats in the snow.

The city of Kalix are offering loans of equipment. The loan is free of charge and our crew at Filipsborg will help you to find suitable equipment during your stay.

The lending office is open Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 3 pm. On holidays as Christmas, New Years Eve or Easter, the office may be closed.

Please let us know at Filipsborg if you are in need of winter equipment. We need to know your length, shoe size and clothing size (S/M/L/XL/XXL).

The range of equipment is extensive, but there are variations in availability.
All use of the equipment is at your own responsibility.

We have winter garment for rental:

If you book our experiences, the layer 3 is included, during that day. This includes overall, hat, shoes and gloves. If you need them during your stay at the hotel, the cost is 225 SEK/day.

We also offer the most important winter garment for sale:

When it comes to handling low temperatures you usually need three high quality layers of clothing.

1st layer: Next to your skin.
2nd layer: Isolation.
3rd layer: Wind and weather protection.

Depending of the activity and the weather conditions, layer 1 and/or layer 2 can be doubled.

The most important one is the first one, the layer next to your skin. Our own experience and proven through decades of living in cold temperatures, the first layer should be of the nature product wool.

Modern woolen products are very comfortable to wear and helps your body to handle both the temperature and transportation of body moist away from your skin. It is a personal garment that also will come in handy in regions far away from the arctics.

At this moment we are prepairing packages, that are available when ordering them in advance.

Apart from the layers the most important parts of garments is to have warm shoes, warm gloves, a warm hat and a scarf. The scarf can be used to regulate the temperature of your body. If you are to warm, loosen the scarf. If you are cold, tighten the scarf.

We can guide you to find a suitable garment, for your stay at Filipsborg.