In addition to providing an incredible environment for your event we also make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible without any technical hiccups. Our internet connection is very fast and stable and we have extra capacity available if it is needed. Our projector and audio systems are modern and easy to connect to. Coffee, tea and other refreshments are of course always included.

Before your conference, we collaborate in making a schedule so that our staff can give you the upmost level of service and dynamically work together with you.

All our conference equipment holds a modern standard and are of course always included. More specific details are available further down on the page.

Price examples:

  • Half day conference, incl. lunch, starting at 395 SEK/participant.
  • 1 day conference, incl. lunch, starting at 550 SEK/participant.
  • 2 day lunch-to-lunch conference, incl. lunch starting at 825 SEK/participant.
  • Two day conference, incl, lunch starting at 990 SEK/participant.
  • Hotel rooms from 675 SEK/person in twin rooms, single rooms from 1050 SEK/person.

Price examples are all exclusive of VAT and are based on 12 attendees.



Our conference rooms