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Type: Day trip/activity
Duration: Two hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Minimum age: 6 years
Min/max participants: 2/8
Guide: Tour guide in both Swedish and English

Can be booked in together with accommodation at Filipsborg.
Available during most seasons.

A safari for the nature lover where the reindeer’s life is at the center.

The reindeer is a very friendly-minded animal that is perfectly adapted to live and thrive in Arctic environments where the severe cold of winter in summer is changed to warm days. The reindeer’s fur is thicker in winter and each individual hair has a wavy shape and is hollow to keep warm even when temperatures drop to -40C. The reindeer also has hair on the muzzle and hooves.

Reindeer husbandry is conducted in northern Scandinavia and the reindeer are usually called half-tame. The animals live independently in the wild but are cared for by reindeer herders and reindeer owners. An adult reindeer can weigh 80 and 130 kilos. A vaja (adult female) can weigh between 60 and 80 kilos.

The calves are born in the spring and the animals have their mating season in the autumn. During the rut, the male reindeer fight to keep a small flock of females together and do not like to be disturbed.

The reindeer is a shy animal that escapes if it feels threatened. When you meet a reindeer and it looks up, avoid looking at it directly and do not move directly towards the reindeer. It makes the reindeer flee.

During the reindeer safari, we travel by car and possibly snowshoes to areas where reindeer normally move or gather. The areas are different depending on the season and the reindeer are free to roam in nature, which is why it takes luck and local knowledge to meet reindeer up close.