Luleå Airport (LLA) and Kemi Airport (KEM) are within an hour’s drive. We can help you to find a rental car or arrange transfer from any point, including helicopter transfer.

We normally have summer road conditions from May to October and winter road conditions November to April. If you drive your own car, we can tell you about routes to find many interesting places to visit. Rental cars are available both locally and at airports and train stations.

During the summer you will meet the white nights. The traffic intensity is almost always moderate. If you drive in winter road conditions, the roads are almost always in good condition and easy to travel on, provided that speed is adapted to the conditions.

If you are planning for a holiday or a holiday and want to discover Sweden, the driving time by car from Stockholm to Kalix is ​​about 12 hours. To this you must add rest and rest times as well as any overnight stays.

Distance/driving time to/from airports:
Luleå Airport (LLA) 85 kilometers (1 hour)
Kemi Airport (KEM) 78 kilometers (1 hour)
Rovaniemi Airport (RVN) 184 kilometers (2 hours)
Kiruna/Icehotel Airport (KRN) 303 kilometers (3.5 hours)
Oulu Airport (OUL) 198 kilometers 1.5 hours)
Kittilä Airport (KTT) 272 kilometers (3 hours)
Pajala Airport (PJA) 194 kilometers (2.5 hours)
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN) 939 kilometers, (12 hours)
Helsinki airport (HEL) 805 kilometers (12 hours)

Distance/driving time to/from train stations:
Kalix central station/SWE/6 kilometers (10 minutes)
Boden central Station/SWE 81 kilometers (1 hour).
Luleå central station/SWE 81 kilometers (1 hour).
Kemi central station/FIN 82 kilometers (1 hour).

Kalix Bus Station 1.5 kilometers (5 minutes)

Rental cars, helicopter transfers, car transfers, chartered buses and public transport are available.

Postal and visiting address:
Business name: Filipsborg
Street address: 195 Nyborgsvägen
City/Zip-code: Kalix, SE-952 91
Country: Sweden

Coordinates for Filipsborg:
WGS84 DD (LAT, LONG): 65.84121, 23.15701
WGS84 DMS (LAT, LONG): N 65 ° 50 ′ 28.34 ″, E 23 ° 9 ′ 25.23 ″
WGS84 DDM (LAT, LONG): N 65 ° 50.4724 ′, E 23 ° 9.4205 ′
RT90: 7324162, 1835284
SWEREF99TM: 7326405.397, 871680.408
Google maps: R5R4 + FR Kalix