Activities all year round

Arctic activities in the cold and snowy winters, as well as the warm summers and in the glowing colors of autumn.

At Filipsborg, we have a wide range of activities both in-house and through partners. Our guides are experienced and have deep knowledge of northern Scandinavia and what can be experienced in the area. We give you experiences and knowledge and spend a lot of time on storytelling.

We work mainly with smaller visitor groups; couples, families and small groups as well as conference groups. Our groups should not be larger than we are given time and opportunity to take care of each guest. Our activities mainly take place in combination with accommodation at our hotel and in connection with conferences.

We also design tailor-made programs and private tours for the most demanding needs.

Filipsborg in June, 20 minutes to midnight.


The bright nights of summer make it difficult to distinguish day from night

With the summer season comes the white nights. The temperatures in the air go above the 15 mark but can also offer periods up to 30 degrees. Temperatures in lakes, rivers and seas can rise to more than 20 degrees, sometimes 25 or more.

Filipsborg during November, 3 hours past midnight.


As the nights get darker, you may see the Aurora Borealis

Autumn means that nature is preparing itself for the winter. The leaves turn yellow, orange and red with the color turning more and more intense until it’s time to fall to the ground. The darker nights also make room for the Aurora Borealis to show itself.

On the way to visit the reindeers, during February at 2.30PM.


Snow turns the landscape into a sparkling white winterland

In late autumn when the temperatures turn to zero the landscape is turned into a glistening and sparkling white winterland. The lakes and rivers freeze which opens the possibility for activities and experiences on both land and the frozen rivers.

Our winter activities include snowmobile safaris, reindeer feeding expeditions, hunting the Aurora Borealis and dogsled rides. Only a couple of kilometers away, the Polar Explorer offers icebreaker cruises and ice swimming.

Ice thawing, during late May.


Spring turns the white into green

Spring is quite a short season in the Bay of Bothnia. In early spring you could visit an island with a snowmobile, but just a few weeks later you’ll need a boat.

Every drop of rain makes the transition faster, seeping into the ground making the grass green again.

Our activities

Nature guiding

Snowmobile safari 2h

Experience and learn a lot about the frozen landscape with nature guiding in Nature 2000-protected areas.

Snowmobile safari 3h

Experience in snow and nature on a snowmobile.
Nature guiding

Aurora-Northern lights

With knowledge and a bit of luck, we find the Northern Lights, a spectacular experience.
Nature guiding

Reindeer feeding safari

A safari for the nature lover where the life of the true arctic expert – the reindeer – is at the center.
Nature exeperience Starting at 950 SEK

Ice/river floating

You slide into the icy water, dry and warm and protected by a survival suit.
Icebreaker cruise

Ice breaker cruise

Experience the massive power of the biggest tourist icebreaker in the Baltic sea
Guided nature safari

Dog sledding

Nature experience with eager and willing sled dogs
Crossborder road trip

Crossborder roadtrip to Finland

Experience the snow castle in Kemi and being in two countries and two time zones at the same time.
Unique experiences

New products under development

New product under development
Unique experiences

New products under development

New product under development

All months of the year - and the best suited activites:

Image gallery January


January gives us growing ice
Image gallery February


February – looking for winter, look for February
Image gallery March


March - the cold bites but during the day the temperature rises
Image gallery april


April - the last weeks with snow-covered landscapes
Image gallery May


May leaves the ice and snow of winter behind.
Image gallery June


June peaks the white nights of the year
Image gallery July


July the warmest summer month
Image gallery August


August gives warmth and a taste of autumn.
Image gallery September


September is the most important harvest month at sea.
Image gallery October


October is the peak of autumn.
Image gallery November


With November freezes the open waters.
Image gallery december


December comes with the shortest days of the year.