Incoming with airports and train stations

Filipsborg is situated in Kalix, Swedish Lapland, 50 kilometres from the border to the state of Finland. Within a couple of hours drive we have several airports, train stations and of course bus stations. We arrange transfers and can assist you in finding local transportation, if needed.

If you consider driving by your self with rental car, they are available through us or at the airports or train stations. When driving in our area during winter (November–April), you should not be worried about snow and ice. The roads are well kept and rental cars in this area are equipped with winter tires. During spring, summer and autumn (May–October) driving in our area is like driving in any area without snow and ice. From late May until August daylight is present almost around the clock. During June–July we have white nights. Traffic intensity is low at almost all times.

Distance/driving time to/from airports:
Luleå/Kallax (LLA) 85 kilometers (1 hour)
Kemi airport (KEM) 78 kilometers (1 hour)
Rovaniemi (RVN) 184 kilometers (2 hours)
Kiruna/Icehotel (KRN) 303 kilometers (3,5 hours)
Oulu (OUL) 198 kilometers 1,5 hours)
Kittilä (KTT) 272 kilometers (3 hours)
Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) 939 kilometres, (12 hours)
Helsinki airport (HEL) 805 kilometres (12 hours)

Distance/driving time to/from train stations:
Boden central station/SWE 81 kilometers (1 hour).
Luleå central station/SWE 81 kilometers (1 hour).
Kemi central station/FIN 82 kilometers (1 hour).

Rental cars, transfers, chartered buses and public transportation are available.

Coordinates for Filipsborg:
65.84121, 23.15701
WGS84 DMS (LAT, LONG): N 65° 50′ 28.34″, E 23° 9′ 25.23″
WGS84 DDM (LAT, LONG): N 65° 50.4724′, E 23° 9.4205′
RT90: 7324162, 1835284
SWEREF99 TM: 7326405.397, 871680.408
Google maps: R5R4+FR Kalix