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Filipsborg is a family run and family owned company, based in Kalix. The mansion itself is from 1805 (the oldest parts) and has been totally renovated during 1996-1998. It has been continuously maintained since that and represent an era and style from the wodden patrons age, around 1860.
Next to the main building we have two structures, “Rättaren” and “Röda Längan”, where our hotel rooms are situated.
There are four de Luxe-rooms in Rättaren together with a shared kitchen and a sauna. A very nice choice for a small group, since booking of the four rooms will give you a private area. Sauna is included, when booking a room in Rättaren.
In Röda Längan there are 12 rooms, 10 of them are twin/doubles, one a single room and one a suite.
Totally there are 16 rooms, and totally 31 beds plus extra beds that can be booked in selected rooms.
There is a sauna, that can be booked and also a hot tub and an outdoor, wood fired sauna.
Owners of Filipsborg are Mr Örjan Pekka and Mrs Victoria Sandin, two skilled entrepreneurs that you will meet during your stay at Filipsborg.