The old mansion is 
a keeper of tradition

The story of Filipsborg starts with vicar Kalcius, born in Kalix and proprietary of the estate where the Filipsborg mansion now is situated.

From 1703, the mansion is owned by circuit judge Olaus Burman, succeeded by Michael Höijer, in charge until 1757.

From 1777 on, Michael’s son Nils Petter is the heritor. A time of decline follows and a larger part of the mansion is sold to the Crown to enable the erection of officer dwellings Landet and Johannes-borg.

1812-14  The mansion is taken over by 
district trustee Johan Jakob Ruthberg.

1814-20  A transitional time, where sergeant major Carl Gustaf Lundholm resides and initiates the building of barracs at Sjöbodaberget, but sells the lot before the project is completed.

1820-38  Johan Jakob Ruthberg re-buys the property and completes the dwellings Lundholm intended, now as part of the main buildings. 

1838-54  District physician Philip owns and -resides at the mansion.

1854-68  The mansion is now in the posession of one Nils Petter Sundgren, a gentleman-farmer. The widow of doctor  Kleinschmiedt still resides at the premises, with an inplicit understanding that the trees on the enclosure is to be left standing and free access to the herb garden for the lady.

1868-1913  The main building as it stands today is erected by Per Adolf Svanberg, a squire in the local sawmill business.

1913-23  The widow Johanna Wilhelmina, born Bergman, is now in possession of the mansion. She is lovingly referred to as Filippa.

1923-55  The daughter Helena takes over, -followed by the son of David Svanberg, Birger.

1955-78  Ingrid Svanberg-Bergman is now the sole owner of the mansion. Ingrid was called Mrs Musica because she worked as a local music teacher.

Gradually, Ingrid was beset by financial problems and had to close off large parts of the building. She lived in a small area where the kitchen is placed now.

When Ingrid passed away in 1977, the detereoration really began. The premises were brutally vandalised and many items were stolen.

Filipsborg has been toally restored to its former glory.