Nature safari

We will find the Aurora/Northern lights

Type: Midnight tour/activity
Duration: Two hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Minimum age: 6 years
Guide: Tour guide in both Swedish and English
Price starting at: 1250 SEK/person
Can be booked in connection with accommodation at Filipsborg.

Meeting the northern lights/aurora is a stunning experience. Those who are lucky enough to experience it often see the colors green, but the northern lights can also appear as purple, white and pink. The Northern Lights are spun by many legends. Among other things, it is said to bring family happiness.

No one can guarantee the Northern Lights, but we arrange Northern Lights safaris that significantly increase the chance of seeing the cool spectacle. The season for northern lights, Aurora Borealis, starts already in the autumn, in late August or September, as soon as the sky gets dark at night. The season lasts until April before the white nights takes over the dark night sky. The Northern Lights occur almost every night but it can be of different strength.

There are three basic conditions needed to see the northern lights that almost always occur to varying degrees. A prerequisite is that the areas in the sky where the northern lights appear must be clear. There may be clouds, but the clearer the sky, the better the conditions are for the northern lights.

The second requirement is that the sky must be dark, hence the season during the darker half of the year. The northern lights also occur in the middle of summer, but can then not be seen due to the white nights.

The third condition is that the northern lights are more easily visible in areas without disturbing light from roads, buildings or other thing, which is a kind of light pollution.

In addition, we have a pro knowledge: You need to get your eyes used to the northern lights, ie get your eyes to adapt to night vision, a process that takes about two hours for the eyes.

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