Nature guiding

Icy baths in frozen water with sauna

Type: Day trip/activity
Duration: One, two or three hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Min age: 15 years
Min/max number: 4-12 people
Guide: In Swedish and English
Price example:
950 SEK / person (floating, up to 1 hour).
1250 SEK / person (floating and sauna, up to 2 hours).
1450 SEK / person (floating, sauna and wood-fired hot tub, up to 3 hours).
1250 SEK, wood-fired sauna as a supplement for 4-12 people)
Sauna dish with local specialties, cheese, dried meat, salt & sweet, fruit & vegetables can be ordered.
The activity can be booked in connection with accommodation at Filipsborg.

You are wearing a survival suit in well-dimensioned neoprene and slide slowly into the icy water. You float weightlessly in the water and above you the stars are aimed at the dark sky, maybe even the northern lights if the night sky is dark.

You float safely and securely thanks to the buoyancy of the survival suit. The survival suit is dimensioned to keep you alive in zero degree the water for up to six hours (but for so long we do not recommend anyone to stay in the water).

After the swim, a hot shower and sauna and maybe some snacks await, which you order in our restaurant. It is also possible to order a wood-fired hot tub and wood-fired sauna.

The whole experience is supervised by a guide, for maximum safety. The activity is available all year round.

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