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July is the warmest summer month

With the month of July, the summer has matured and become fully grown. In Sweden, this is the main holiday month. The population abandons work and duties and goes on leave. Swedish law says that holidays should mainly be during June, July or August. Swedish law also states that those who are employed are entitled to five weeks’ holiday, but trade union agreements can provide six weeks.

Sandy parts of the archipelago, near the island Halsön-Kallskär.

Sun-warmed water flows with the rivers into the sea

In the Coastal Lapand, in the most northern parts of of the Baltic Sea, the temperatures in the air are greatly affected by the sea temperature but also by the ten large rivers that flow from the mountains around the sea and out into the Baltic Sea. When the sun gasps and warms the water in the rivers, the sea also gets warm – especially if the winds are from the south and moderate. Then the warm surface water stays in the sea. When the area is also “occupied” by high pressure and light winds from the northeast, something called the “Russian heat” comes. It is solar-heated air that sweeps down from Russia’s mainland and then it’s time for shorts and a T-shirt. It will be 25 degrees hot, calculated in Celsius. Sometimes also 30 or 35 degrees. The bathing water in rivers, lakes and seas that were frozen in April can offer temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius but also closer to 30. More normal is 15-18 degrees.

Malörens chapel, also called the Cathedral of bay of Botnia, in the northernmost parts of the Baltic sea.

The archipelago's thousands of islands are waiting for you

The coastal area and the archipelago offer fantastic experiences. The white nights are bright. Nature’s greenery reaches its maturity but it is not yet time for harvest. In the forests, it is already possible to get an idea of what this year’s berry picking harvest will be. Lingonberries, blueberries and cloudberries grow, but are not ready to pick yet.

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August gives warmth and a taste of autumn.
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September is the most important harvest month at sea.
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October is the peak of autumn.
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With November freezes the open waters.
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December comes with the shortest days of the year.
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January gives us growing ice
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February – looking for winter, look for February
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March - the cold bites but during the day the temperature rises
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April - the last weeks with snow-covered landscapes
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May leaves the ice and snow of winter behind.
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June peaks the white nights of the year
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July the warmest summer month