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August gives warmth and a taste of autumn

August is usually seem as the last summer month and now some of the leaves of the trees can start to change to red, yellow and orange. In the forest the berries ripen. The raspberries come first, then the cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries.

Excursion with sausage barbeque to the island Nordanskär.

Sommaren når sin fulla prakt

August is the late summer month which gives a foretaste of autumn. The nights get a darker sky and the vegetation of nature matures. The days are still warm and the evening temperatures offer coolness without cooling.

The blueberries ripen.

The berries ripens out in the wilderness

The berries that have grown reach their full maturity and taste and can be picked. The berries are so healthy that they can be eaten immediately when picked. The berries that come first are wild raspberries and blueberries, which are found in abundance in the forest. They are found in slightly different places, depending on what the summer looked like in terms of precipitation and heat. This is also the month when the first northern lights of autumn appear in the night sky. Sea buckthorn and chanterelles also ripens.

Activities and experiences in August

Nature guiding

Reindeer feeding safari

A safari for the nature lover where the life of the true arctic expert – the reindeer – is at the center.
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New product under development
Unique experiences

New products under development

New product under development
Unique experiences

New products under development

New product under development

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August gives warmth and a taste of autumn.