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With November the ice starts to freeze the open waters

The ice is starting to freeze on lakes and streams and is rapidly becoming thick enough to carry long-distance skaters. It is important to be vigilant on the ice, be a trained group and with equipment to cope with unwanted events.

The northern lights becomes visible in the dark sky.

Solar storms give us the northern lights

It was a mystery for a long time what was behind the northern lights, but science has been able to state that it is a result of particles being thrown from the sun towards the earth. The particles are captured by the magnetic field that tilts towards the earth next to the poles.

Snow angel with Italian author.

The landscape is dressed in white

The temperatures that goes below the zero line means that the landscape will be dressed in white. It is a fantastic season for staying in the woods and fields and the snow makes the whole landscape a great wilderness adventure park.

Activities and experiences in November

Nature guiding

Reindeer feeding safari

A safari for the nature lover where the life of the true arctic expert – the reindeer – is at the center.
Nature guiding

Aurora-Northern lights

With knowledge and a bit of luck, we find the Northern Lights, a spectacular experience.
Nature exeperience Starting at 950 SEK

Ice/river floating

You slide into the icy water, dry and warm and protected by a survival suit.
Unique experiences

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December comes with the shortest days of the year.
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January gives us growing ice
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February – looking for winter, look for February
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March - the cold bites but during the day the temperature rises
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April - the last weeks with snow-covered landscapes
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May leaves the ice and snow of winter behind.
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June peaks the white nights of the year
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July the warmest summer month
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August gives warmth and a taste of autumn.
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September is the most important harvest month at sea.
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October is the peak of autumn.
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With November freezes the open waters.