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June provides nights with eternal light

June is the top month of the white nights when summer begins in earnest in northern Scandinavia and Lapland. It is also the brightest month of the year, during the long period of white nights that begins in late April and lasts until mid-August.

White nights make nature kick-start.

The vegetation gives us the sheerest greenery

Midsummer is celebrated but it is no use to hope for any bathing temperatures. There are exceptions, of course, when the temperature in the air rises to both 25 and 28 degrees, but it is also not entirely uncommon to celebrate Midsummer with temperatures close to zero at midnight. Celebrate Midsummer outdoors in Lapland can mean that you do it in shorts, but also with underwear and coveralls.

On the other hand, we can always trust the light – and have the white nights, so reliable that you can set the watch with sundial.

Markning of the calves of the year is the most important time for the reindeer owner.

Avgörande period för renarnas framtid

Nature is really gaining momentum in these times, the greenery is at its most beautiful and clearest. Bird and animal life is intense and those that hatched and were born earlier in the spring are growing. For reindeer owners, it’s time to do the calf marking. The reindeer herders keep track of which vaja (reindeer-mother) the calf follows. The reindeer owner who owns the vaja, then gets a new member of the reindeer family.

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June peaks the white nights of the year