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May leaves the ice and snow of winter behind

In the northernmost parts of the Gulf of Bothnia, the ice normally lies a dozen days into the month of May. Kalix River usually opens near the turn of the month April to May. It is a wonderfully beautiful time when the waters tear from the shackles of the ice.

The ice releases its grip on nature.

The frozen landscape thaws

The ice floe follows the stream of water along the river and breaks up into smaller and smaller flakes to finally completely disappear and unite with the free-flowing water.

The warmer temperatures makes the buds to burst.

The buds bursts and the vegetation really wakes up

Those who follow nature sees an intense development in the vegetation. Buds burst and the first greenery of the year emerges, a light and sheer greenery that reveals the times to come.

Activities and experiences in May

Nature guiding

Reindeer feeding safari

A safari for the nature lover where the life of the true arctic expert – the reindeer – is at the center.
Nature exeperience Starting at 950 SEK

Ice/river floating

You slide into the icy water, dry and warm and protected by a survival suit.
Unique experiences

New products under development

New product under development
Unique experiences

New products under development

New product under development

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May leaves the ice and snow of winter behind.