In February daylight returns

February is the shortest month of the year, but the one that gives the daylight back in Arctic Lapland. The days increase in length by several minutes per day.

At the same time, February is the month for “peak ice” in the archipelago and sea – it is during the month of February that the ice thickness is greatest. In the archipelago, it can be up to one meter thick. If low temperatures is combined with strong winds from the south, it will be tough times for shipping and icebreaker when tens of meters thick and high ice embankments are formed.

February is also the month when the best snow comes, snow that is cold and so light that it can be blown away. In one or a couple of days there can be half a meter of fresh snow and the month can also offer temperatures down to minus 30 degrees, which is low temperatures in the coastal area.

The longer days provide time for outdoor activities, of course with snowmobiles, snowshoes and skis. Or why not a dog team where you get the chance to drive your own team of eager and willing sleddogs.

The snow and the climate and the activities give you an experience of a lifetime.

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