March - there is no reason to stay indoors

During the month of March, what we in northern Scandinavia call the “snow spring” begins. We have a perfect snow cover that can be meters thick but not as light and fluffy snow as in February. On snowshoes you are carried up and the feeling is like floating on the snow.

For ice fishermen, the real peak season begins with days that get longer and longer. The ice is so thick that some take their car out to the fishing spot, only a thick layer of snow can stop that.

For those who like snowmobiling, this is the best month. It can get really cold at night but during the day the temperature rises with the sun sparkling in the snow.

In the wild, wildlife wakes up and the Swedish hares have busy times. The open sea of the Gulf of Bothnia can be completely covered of ice, but it is safest to stay protectec by the archipelago’s islands.

With the wind, beautiful formations are created in the snow, especially in combination with intense snowfall. The firmer snow makes it possible to dig bivouacs. Sitting thera, on a reindeer skin, with the sun scorching, life is at its peak.