January is the beginning of the new year

At the turn of the year, the new year is celebrated. January is the month when the cold can really bite, but quite often the largest amounts of snow are not yet to come.

The ice has frozen also at the sea and on lakes and rivers the ice thickness grows every day, to more than half a meter in thickness.

Cloudless nights with high pressure can offer many degrees below zero, but also the northern lights, Aurora, which is why we keep track of both with apps that provide forecasts and cloud density during the evenings.

In some areas of the archipelago it is possible to do nordic ice skating and to those areas we travel with snowmobiles.

There is an extensive network of cross-country ski trails and we also make our own ski trails near the mansion. If the conditions are right, you can get on the ski slopes directly outside the hotel building.

We offer nature safaris with snowmobiles along the river where the areas are classified as Natura 2000-reserve. We visit the archipelago’s many islands and during the tour you will learn a lot about the nature of nature and how the landscape has been shaped by the ice age and millennials of weather and wind.

We seek for traces of wild animals in the snow and with a little luck we can spot at the mighty eagle that likes to take in what the winter fishermen leave on the ice.

We have our own snowmobiles for nature safaris and also sleds that are pulled behind the guide’s snowmobile. Guests who book a safari and want to drive a snowmobile need a driver’s license for a car, equivalent to class B.

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